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I purchased another 6581 SID bringing me to a total of three 6581s and two 8580s. My ultimate goal, should I desire to go "all the way" would be 4 of each which would net me 2 6581 stereo pairs and 2 8580 stereo pairs.

I've desoldered the MIDI ports from the stripboard they were mounted to for my component based synth and now I'm going to solder them onto the MB-6582, but first I need to remove the pinheaders that I put in back when I didn't think I'd be mounting the MIDI ports to the base PCB. I also got a replacement cap for C24 so that I can solder it properly so that it can lay down flat.

With those tasks done I went back to working on the DIN matrix. Creating 128 1-inch long jump wires with tin tips while relatively easy is time consuming and the skin of my finger tips got pretty dry and scratched up twisting all the wires ends in preparation of tinning.

For bulk tinning I ended up sticking a long strip of tape along the edge of my table, placing as many jump wires as possible with their tips hanging over the table edge, and tinning them down the line, all one end, then remove and flip the wires and tin all the other ends.

After trying some different methods, I found the easiest way to add the jump wires was to first solder the pinheader pin, then reheat that solder and stick one end of a jump wire into the molten blob, then after that solidifies bend it over and heat the solder on the next pad and stick the other wire end into there. The only sticky wickets were sometimes when adding the second wire to the pad the first one would become unattached and the other was just being super careful not to have the solder or wire touch the pad next to it (thus causing a short).

I've also be considering how, if I do, add labels to the case surface for the LEDs. I was looking if maybe their were stencils or something I could use for lettering, but I think I might try water slide decals which you print on special paper, soak in water, and apply. Hopefully the surface of the case isn't too rough for them to stick.

Replacement cap for C24, properly installed.
Soldered on MIDI ports
The IO starts to develop.
All the wires are all lined up. I give them the tin they want. Take the jacket and peel it back. Doesn't that make them conduct better?
No shorts yet!
Like little multicolored inch worms.
Half way done with this matrix.

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