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Core Interuptus

Finished up the SID section. For the caps sticking up I heated their pads up while gently pulling up on the lead. For one cap I wasn’t gentle enough and ripped its lead off as if it was an insect leg and I was a sociopathic child. I had some extra 470pF caps so I was able to replace it.

On to the core section:

C1 and C2_CORE4 are 33pF caps. I seemed to have missed the 33pF caps and they didn’t get ordered. Not sure how it fell off my order list so I'll need to order those to continue on. I did go ahead and add the transistor BC337 to T1 which is in the lower right hand corner. Next to it I added the P1 10K potentiometer and I also went ahead and added the other 4 10K potentiometers for P2_COREs 1-4 which are each found below each PIC IC socket. After that I called it a day.

I've also over the last week been using Salon Care's 40 Volume Creme Developer which is a hydrogen peroxide based gel that I learned can be used as an alternative to Retr0bright from watching the 8-Bit Guy. A photo of the VIC-20 case covered in creme and plastic wrap is attached. The idea is you cover an ABS plastic object with the cream and put it out in the sun or under black lights and the UV radiation activates the hydrogen peroxide and it bleaches away the yellowing. The yellowing is from the UV rays hitting the flame retardant the cases are covered in slowly turning it yellow over the years. Living in San Francisco, its taken me several days to do this since. I found putting it on top of my shed gets the best light.

Today's entry is the first to be done in real time! I've finished filling in all the past entries based on notes I took and my photographs. From this point I hope to update every Sunday or Monday since the weekend is generally when I work on this project. And by this project I mean both the MIDIBox and Raspberry Pi projects. I've attached mocks for the case badges I'm working on. Looks like my only option for decent badges is metal. For the 64C case I wish I could replicate the look of the badges used on the actually Commodores but everything I've seeked out looks like a crappy shinny sticker and not a proper badge.

The solder points for the P1 and T1. Also an example of shitty soldering.
Progress shot.
Progress shot (rear)
The VIC-20 case in the sun on top of my shed.
Spending a rainy and low UV day inside.
Case badge mock ups for the two C64 related projects.

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