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Fuck Everything, and Not In The Good Way

My control surface layout continues to change. My earlier thought was to have the buttons on the perimeter of the keyboard area with the knobs in the middle (thinking its better to have the buttons closer to the LEDs) but now that I want to add labeling to the case it makes more sense to have the knobs on the perimeter so I can label them since knobs have no labels on them but the buttons, sort of, do.

On the soldering docket besides continuing on the matrices I'm also going to desolder the pinheader from my display and put new 90 degree angled pins on it instead. This will make it easier to keep as close as possible to the surface of the keyboard frame.

The display desoldering was a fucking disaster. Ruined one of the pads. I decided to try to tape it to the table edge because my cheap piece of shit PCB holder wouldn't stop rotating. Unfortunately, my tape dispensor is also a piece of shit and I had trouble getting the tape to cut and out of anger I threw it across the room. Of course it would fall apart and part of it flew off and knocked the VIC-20 case to the floor and now it has a small crack in it. Goes to show, if you're feeling a temper tantrum don't take it out on things you don't care about because you will end up breaking something you DO care about. Now I have to decide if I want to invest in a new case or just deal with the small crack as a mark of shame. And on top of all this I won't be surprised if I have to buy a new display too.

Fuck everything.

Okay. We're calm now. In the heat of the soldering moment I thought I was saving the poor fella. Now that I'm looking at the photographs it looks like a horrific torture scene. Strapped down and teeth pulled.

Turns out is cheaper to just buy a new LCD module than the items needed to fix the pads on the old one, thanks to China. At first I was thinking about getting a white characters on black display because they look pretty sweet. But in the forums I learned these, or at least the one's at buydisplay.com, have light leak and slow refresh rates, so I think I'll go with white on blue.

The murder scene.
It's just a scratch.
The pads are missing from this side too.
The carnage!
The damage. :(

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