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Handicapping My Caps Installation

Now that I know the power section is fine I can move on to populating the rest of the SID module components.

C3_SID(1-4), C23_SID(1-4), C7_SID(1-4), and C27_SID(1-4) are 1nF (1000pF).

C4_SID(1-4) and C24_SID(1-4) are the 470pF ceramic (not film) caps.

C9_SID(1-4) and C29_SID(1-4) are 100nF (0.1uF) caps.

C13_SID(1-4) and C14_SID(1-4) are 100nF (0.1uF) caps and are found below each SIDs IC sockets.

C5_SID(1-4) and C25_SID(1-4) are 10uF caps and are polarized so care has to be taken to install them in the correct direction.

C6_SID(1-4) and C26_SID(1-4) are 1uF caps and are polarized.

T1_SID(1-4) and T21_SID(1-4) are BC547 transistors. There’s an outline on the PCB that shows what direction the transistors should be installed.

With that all placed and ready for solder I realized I created a nightmare in regards to holding the components in place because of the large difference in heights of the inline caps and the radial caps. I tried bending the leads and taping but there were always those inline caps falling out. In the end I decided to pull the radials and focus on the small first doing several rounds of soldering.

I removed the radial caps and the transistors, but even after that I managed to have one cap fall out and a few other get soldered while not fully flush with the PCB, so I’ll have to fix those before I move on the the radial caps and the transistors.

A terrible taping job.
The results of the terrible taping job.

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