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I Give You Power

OK, hopefully this time I got the right parts for the power section. I’ve added the components and the various required wires jumping pins. Now it's time to test the power.

I cannibalized the power jack from the old modular MIDIBox (I’m stealing its power supply too). I EAT YOU FOR ECONOMIC SUFFICIENCY. I’ve also installed the power switch from one of the 64s.

Nothing popped or sparked. No smoking. All good signs. Time to follow the official guide’s testing for voltages.

J3: 4.999V

J25: 15.12V
C12: 9.07
J1_SID1 9v: 9.07V
J1_SID1 12v: 12.01
J1_SID2 9v: 9.07
J1_SID2 12v: 12.01V

I think those are close enough. :/

A nasty solder joint.
The power section populated with various components.
Wires jumping pads in the power section.
An above view of the wiring.
The gravity of the AC jack kept pulling the power leads out, so I used the helping hands to keep them in place.
Polarity is important. These pins are now 15V instead of the marked values on the PCB.

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