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Your Proven DOUT

I finished up the DIN board. No shorts, but it seems like it would just take some jump wires being pushed a little one way or another to cause one so I'll need to be careful with how I installed it.

Moving on to the DOUT board I decided to start with placing the pin headers. In hindsight I don't know how I got that piece of foam on to the pin headers on the DIN the first time because I failed twice. The first time I used the same foam piece that I used for the DIN board, but I pressed to hard and some of the plastic header in which the pin is held was pushing into the foam. The second time I used a new piece of foam, but the trick is to apply pressure in a way that doesn't unseat the pins that are on the outer edge of where you are pressing and I failed to do this.

I decided to just solder in place the pin headers that hadn't lifted off the board. Having some pin headers already attached to the board helped stabilize the whole grid as I attempted to hold the loose ones down with the foam.

Over the next two weekends I built out the DOUT grid and added the little jump wires. I did have a bunch of frustrating moments where when trying to add a jump wire to a solder point where there was already a wire the first wire would detach. There's probably a better way to deal with this. I did try near the end using the tip of the iron to sandwich the first wire against the pin while adding the second wire to the opposite side, but this had mixed results where when I removed the iron tip the first wire went with it.

The new LCD display arrived so I need to solder the 90 degree pin headers to that. I also purchased some more knobs of the style I previously ordered, but in red and blue. I decided to use different color knobs for the different sections of the control surface.

DOUT Progress Report pin side
DOUT Progress wire side
Wires and pin headers.
Little inch worms.
Close up of my terrible handy work.
A field.

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